Vegan gourmet and raclette: just as much fun, less fat

Now that January is over, many New Year’s resolutions have already fallen flat. A common good intention is to eat less meat. It is assumed to be better for your health and it is better for animals and the environment. About 3.2% of all Europeans are vegetarian, the number of vegetarians has doubled in the last 4 years. About 20% of the European population is flexitarian: you are a flexitarian if you do not eat meat or fish for at least 1 day a week.

Veganism is gaining popularity. The lobby for eating less meat has been going on for a number of years. The average European eats twice as much meat than the global average, so it makes sense that the lobby is mainly going on in Europe. Most meat is consumed in Spain and Austria, where an average of more than 90 kilograms of meat is eaten per person per year.

Why you should become a vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian is a great way to learn about nutrition and cooking and is a healthy way to get your nutrients and vitamins. Research shows that a vegetarian is less likely to develop high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and diabetes than meat eaters. This sounds great, right?

In addition, you help to save animal lives and it is good for the environment. Each vegetarian saves nearly 200 animals every year. The environment will also be happy with you, because meat is absolutely not environmentally friendly. The meat industry is one of the biggest causes of climate change. In comparison, a vegetarian diet is more effective than switching to a greener car.

Many people fear the loss of energy or muscle mass when they switch to a vegetarian lifestyle. The opposite is true: meat and dairy products are more difficult to digest, so it takes a lot of energy to process. Plant-based foods are easier to digest, so you’ll have more energy for nicer things than digesting food.

Eating with others

Many non-vegetarians think that the vegetarian lifestyle is a huge sacrifice and that you have to change your entire diet. In practice, this is not that extreme. It is funny actually, because you learn a lot of new things: you learn new cooking techniques and new recipes, among other things. Who doesn't love trying new recipes?

In addition, it seems to be the case that many non-vegetarians think that you can no longer eat with others, that you can no longer go out and eat at someone else’s place or invite others to eat with you at your house. But that is nonsense, of course.

Take gourmet food, for example. Everyone can eat whatever he / she prefers. There are many tips for vegetarian gourmet. For example, today there are many gourmet meat substitutes to be found on the shelves of the supermarket. And besides bread as a side dish, boiled potatoes are also a true gourmet classic.

I can now hear you thinking: eating boiled potatoes during a nice gourmet evening? That doesn't really sound like a party. But if you gratinate the potatoes with cheese and let it melt or slice the potatoes and bake them on the plate, you have a delicious side dish!

Pizzas & Pancakes

With the versatile 5 in 1 Table Grill from Solis it is possible to bake pizzas and pancakes. This way everyone can choose his or her favorite topping. For example, go for the vegetarian pizza with spinach, mozzarella, bell pepper, red onion and cherry tomatoes with a base of (homemade) pizza sauce.

Almost finished, but still craving a sweet dessert? The pancake is the ultimate end to a cozy gourmet evening. You can of course eat a pancake plain, but you can also top it with delicious toppings. How about a pancake with chocolate spread and strawberries? Not very healthy, but very tasty. Do you want to go for a somewhat healthier variant? Then you can of course only put fruit on it.


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