The 6 biggest mistakes you can make when blow drying your hair

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Drying your hair with a hair dryer, it sounds easy and it actually is. However, you can make a lot of mistakes while drying your hair. Blow drying your hair starts with using the right products and a good hairdryer. Where does it go wrong? We figured that out for you!

1. You are not using the right products

Long, short, thick, fine hair… each type of hair has its own needs. Especially when you have a specific styling result in mind. Are you going for sleek hair or are you aiming for volume? Depending on your wishes, you must prepare the hair with the appropriate products before styling. For example, fine hair needs light products. Avoid oils and opt for products that give your hair more texture, such as a mousse.

Thick hair has different needs. For example, it is important to moisturize thick hair well with, for example, an oil. Thick hair can handle more intense hair dryer products without making the hair heavier. We recommend to always use a heat protectant, whether you have thick, fine, short or long hair.

2. Dry your hair when you just get out of the shower

You’re taking a quick shower, then you have to choose your outfit, have breakfast, make bread for the children (or yourself) and then you have to go to work. There is not enough time to dry your hair with love. You pat your hair dry quickly and grab the hair dryer and dry your hair. Recognizable?

It's no surprise that this isn't the most loving way to dry your hair. It is better to detangle your hair with your fingers and wrap it in the towel and fasten it on your head - the well-known towel turban. Have breakfast first and let the towel soak up most of the water. This speeds up blow drying, which reduces exposure to heat and therefore puts less strain on your hair.

3. You don’t divide your hair into sections

When you dry your hair, it often has to be done quickly. Therefore, you dry your hair without dividing it into sections. Blind blow drying is not the best strategy for an excellent styling result. It’s better to divide your hair into sections and dry these sections one by one.

For example, divide your hair at the crest. Grab the top part of your hair and secure it on top of your head. This will allow you to dry the lower part of your hair. This way you can dry the hair from the hair root, which ensures that your hair gets more volume.

4. Blow-dry too hot

Do you always run the hairdryer on the highest heat setting because you are in a hurry and the heat protectant will do the job? This is not a good idea. This extreme heat will dry out your hair and damage the structure of your hair. Better to blow-dry your hair shorter and cooler.

5. You're using the wrong brush

A brush is a brush, you would say. Nothing is less true. The brush you choose is crucial for drying your hair. It is not that only one type of brush is really suitable for drying the hair. Each brush has a different function.

For example, a skeleton brush adds volume to the hairline. If you opt for a round brush, you opt for volume and a real boost. The paddle brush is perfect for drying fine and medium hair and gives a smooth look to your hair. Which brush do you choose?

6. You don't clean the hairdryer

Make sure your hairdryer is clean before using it. How do you keep it clean? Many modern hair dryers have a removable back, which allows you to remove lint and dirt. The Solis Swiss Perfection, for example, has a removable hair filter, which is easy to clean. This guarantees air flow and hygiene. If you don't clean the hairdryer frequently, this also increases the risk of overheating.

Are you looking for a hair dryer with which you can dry your hair effortlessly? Take a look at the Solis hair dryers on our website.


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