Solis Swiss Made hair dryers

Hair dryers. You can buy them in all shapes and sizes. One person wants a hair dryer with a diffuser, the other thinks a styling nozzle is a must have requirement. There is also a lot to choose in terms of the number of speed settings: you have hair dryers with 1 speed setting and hair dryers with 8 speed settings. There are hair dryers with a cold air function, hair dryers with an extra long cord and hair dryers with ION technology. There is a lot to choose ...

In this blog, we make a comparison between three Solis hairdryers: the Swiss Luxury, the Swiss Perfection and the Swiss Perfection Plus. The similarity between these three high class models is the fact that they have 3 heat settings and a cold air function. However, there are more differences than similarities between these hairdryers when we talk about the comparison of the Swiss Luxury versus the Swiss Perfection and the Swiss Perfection Plus.

Swiss Perfection

Do you have full and heavy hair? Have you been looking for a hair dryer that can handle your amount of hair for a long time? We’ve got the solution! The Swiss Perfection is ideal for very full and heavy hair thanks to its 2300 watt motor. The hairdryer has no less than 50% more air pressure and 40% more air than comparable professional hair dryers.

This hair dryer has 3 heat settings and a cold air function. Why a cold air button? Thanks to the temperature change (from warm to cold air), the cuticles of the hair close, so the created look is preserved. Cold air therefore adds elasticity to the hair and volume. You can choose 2 different speed settings.

In addition, this hair dryer has ION technology. This means that your hair is coated with ions, making the hair smoother and giving it a healthy shine. A nice side effect of this function is that the hair does not become static! Thanks to the golden formula of tourmaline, ceramic and ion technology, the heat from the hairdryer is evenly distributed over the hair. The hairdryer is available in black and purple and will be delivered to you including a styling nozzle.

Swiss Perfection Plus

A hairdryer often makes a lot of noise. When you have to leave the house early in the morning and you don't want to leave the house with dripping hair, blow drying your hair is a must. However, your housemates will not be excited about you doing this, because their sleep will be gone. The Swiss Perfection Plus offers the solution for this: dry your hair while your partner and / or children keep sleeping.

The Swiss Perfection Plus is equipped with a Smart Silencer. This makes the hairdryer up to 50% quieter than comparable professional hair dryers. This hairdryer has the same features as the Swiss Perfection, with the Smart Silencer as a unique feature. Another advantage of this hair dryer: you can even hear yourself singing while drying your hair because the hair dryer is considerably quieter than the average hair dryer (although this can also be considered a disadvantage for the housemates ...). The Smart Silencer can also be ordered separately. The Swiss Perfection Plus hair dryer is available in black and red.

Swiss Luxury

With its appearance and functions, the Swiss Luxury is everything you are looking for in a hair dryer. The hairdryer has no less than 11 speed settings, 3 heat functions, a cold air function and a continuously adjustable 2100 watt Solis Infinity BLDC motor.

This hair dryer has 2 unique features: an LED ring and a memory function. The LED ring indicates the functions that are currently enabled. The entire ring lights up in the color of the selected temperature. When you have switched on the ion function, half of the ring turns blue. This way you can easily see which temperature and which functions are switched on. It also looks chic!

The second unique feature is the memory function that the hair dryer has. When you switch off the hair dryer and turn it on a next time, it will activate the same functions that were enabled the last time you used it. So you never have to "search" for the right settings for drying your hair again. Once you have discovered the most pleasant way to dry your hair, you can easily enable the settings again.

If you decide to purchase the Swiss Luxury, 2 styling nozzles of 14 millimeters and 5 millimeters are included. You will also receive a superflex softstyler. This one is ideal for drying curly hair. You can easily take the hairdryer with you when traveling in the case that comes with this hair dryer.


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