Iced Coffee: the ultimate and tasty refreshment

It's spring! Time to enjoy the spring sun and ... spring coffee. When the first rays of the sunlight appear in spring and the temperature gently reaches 20 degrees, hot coffee seems to be outdated. We all have a summer feeling, while it is only just spring. And is there anything better than iced coffee when temperatures are rising?

Some will say that hot coffee is a ritual and is therefore sacred. Hot coffee has been consumed since the 15th century, while iced coffee is relatively new. Hot coffee is said to be the baby boomers' drink of choice. Iced coffee has the current generation of people in their twenties on its side. So iced coffee seems to be the future.

The history of iced coffee

For the first iced coffee we have to go back to 1840, in Algeria. The first iced coffee was called mazagran (or masagran). It was a cold and sweet coffee drink invented by the French army during the Battle of Mazagran. At the time, the French army was engaged in fighting Arab and Berber forces as part of the 17-year conquest of Algeria.

When the milk ran out, they added water to their coffee and decided to drink the coffee cold to combat the heat. Other soldiers near Mazagran were also served a similar type of coffee, made from coffee syrup mixed with water. Iced coffee was born.

On their return to Paris, Mazagran's soldiers suggested to the café owners to serve this new type of coffee to customers. They advised that this coffee should be served in a tall glass. From that moment on, this coffee was officially called mazagran.

The iced coffee we know today usually consists of espresso, filtered coffee or coffee syrup mixed with ice cubes and milk. Iced coffee gained popularity when Starbucks introduced frappuccino, frappe (chilled in ice) + cappuccino, in 1995.

Why iced coffee?

Drinking iced coffee is a real refreshment compared to hot coffee. You'll never burn your tongue on that really hot coffee again, which always means that everything you put in your mouth for the rest of the week has a slightly crazy taste. You do not have to wait for the coffee to reach a drinkable temperature, you can enjoy the coffee immediately!

The most annoying thing about hot coffee is that if you don't drink it relatively quickly, it doesn't go from hot to lukewarm, but just gets cold. The worst case scenario with iced coffee is that it is just as cold as lukewarm coffee at its hottest, and that's no punishment at all. The iced coffee is then just as delicious to drink as when it is extremely cold. Hot coffee that has turned cold is a completely different story.

Iced coffee, especially cold brewed coffee, is less acidic than its warm counterpart. In fact, it's up to 67% less acidic than hot coffee, which is better for your stomach and teeth. The acidity in coffee creates a bitter taste, which ensures that iced coffee is both healthier and more flavorful than hot coffee.

From salted caramel to strawberry to vanilla, you can drink iced coffee the way you like it. If you love the taste of coffee, you can also go for a natural iced coffee. Do you want to try something completely different? Then go for a yogurt iced coffee, an Oreo iced coffee or a Baileys iced coffee. Feast guaranteed!

The most delicious iced coffees

Iced Coffee

Making an iced coffee doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it clean and enjoy a refreshing iced coffee within 5 minutes. It's really that simple with this recipe.

Caramel Frappuccino

Coffee and caramel, is there a better combination? We think there is absolutely no better combination. That is why we would like to introduce this delicious recipe for a caramel frappuccino to you.

Cookie Dough Iced Coffee

A cookie next to your coffee, who doesn't like that? We have something even better: a cookie in your coffee! With this simple recipe you can make a delicious Cookie Dough Iced Coffee in no time.


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