Hairdryer Tricks: 10 Unexpected Things You Can Do With a Hair Dryer

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It is well known that you dry your hair with a hair dryer. Did you know that you can use a hairdryer for many more purposes? We have listed the most useful applications for you. Get your hairdryer out of the closet, because it comes in handy every day!

Remove stickers and labels

Those stickers on articles that just don't seem to want to get off… that’s very frustrating. When you finally rub off the sticker, the kind of sticky layer of glue will remain. The hairdryer is the solution! The heat from the hair dryer releases the glue and makes it easier to remove the sticker.

Stretch leather shoes

You have bought a pair of beautiful leather shoes, which you of course want to show to the outside world. You soon notice that your heels do not completely agree with this, you count 1 large blister on both heels. Before showing these new shoes to the outside world, it is more convenient to walk in them a few times before putting them on while going out. Put on a pair of thick socks and blow warm air against the back of the shoes (or any other area where the shoes are pinching). Keep your shoes on for another 10 minutes, so the shoes will mold to your feet.

Dusting plants

Your plants are covered with dust, which is a bit of a shame. But how do you get the dust off the plant? The answer is simple: with a hairdryer! Use a gentle and cool setting to blow the dust off the plant. We take it for granted that the dust then ends up on the floor or on the windowsill.

Remove patches

Removing a plaster is always a difficult job. Your hair is pulled and the plaster never seems to subtly want to come off. Removing a patch becomes less painful when using a hairdryer. Blow some warm air on the patch and the glue will come off. This way you can remove the plaster effortlessly.

Cleansing your keyboard

Now that we all work from home, we all do it: eat over the keyboard. Have breakfast while you are already working or have a quick sandwich before the next meeting. The keyboard may also be covered with dust. You can clean your keyboard with the hairdryer. Blow the dirt out of the keyboard, use a soft and cool setting for this.

Remove wrinkles from clothing

Do you want to wear that one blouse today, but are there a lot of creases in it? You can of course take the iron from the cupboard, but you can also use your hairdryer! Spray a little water on the blouse and blow dry the blouse with the warm setting. The creases will disappear!

Remove condensation from the bathroom mirror

Do you always dry your hair in the bathroom after a shower? Then there is a good chance that you will not even see your face in the mirror because the mirror in the bathroom is fogged up. Point the hair dryer at the mirror and you will soon be able to admire yourself again!

Curled eyelashes

Attention ladies! You always want to walk around with those beautifully curled eyelashes, don't you? Heat your eyelash curler with the hairdryer for a few seconds before using it. A warm eyelash curler ensures that your eyelashes are extra full and curled better. Make sure that the eyelash curler is not too hot before you use it!

A shiny cake

Use your hairdryer to give your homemade cake a shiny and professional look. Blow warm air onto the icing until the icing starts to shine, then let the cake cool. This way you blow everyone away with your creation!

Remove spilled wax

Lighting a candle in the evening is of course very atmospheric. Sometimes it happens that some wax from the candle ends up on the table. Do not panic! Aim your hairdryer at the wax, do not use the highest temperature setting of the hair dryer. The wax is heated this way, so you can easily remove it from the furniture.

For one trick you need cold air and for another trick you need warm air: you need a hairdryer with different temperature settings! The Solis Swiss Luxury has 3 different heat settings, so you can choose the perfect heat for any application. The hairdryer has no less than 11 speed settings, enough to perform the top tricks all!

Curious about these and other hair dryer tricks? Then watch the video of the Swiss Luxury!


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