Grill like a pro: with these 7 tips you will become a grill master

You have planned a cosy evening around the grill. You light the grill, put the meat, fish and vegetables directly on the grill and flip the food until it's done. You put the grilled food on your plate, grab a little bread and a sauce and enjoy what you have made. Then all this will be repeated a number of times until everyone is full.

This is the easy way. Of course there is nothing wrong with this way of grilling, because grilling is always tasty and you can hardly do wrong. However, you can also take your grill performance to an (even) higher level. How? We give you 7 tips to make your grill evening an even greater success.

1. Make your own burgers

Homemade burgers taste better. Even if you don't add anything to the meat other than salt and pepper. Buy good quality meat and your burgers will beat all burgers in the supermarket. Go to the butcher and buy quality minced meat and make the tastiest burgers for the grill.

2. Let your meat rest before grilling it

If you're going to grill some meat, don't put the meat on the grill right after taking it out of the fridge. For example, if you throw a cold steak on the grill, it will not cook evenly and the meat will dry out much more easily. It is better to take a nice piece of meat out of the refrigerator about half an hour before grilling.

3. Season the meat before grilling

If you want to add flavor to your meat, season it before grilling it. You can use only salt and pepper, or you can opt for even more flavor. Think of adding basil, garlic powder or onion powder. Experiment with these seasonings to find a combination that best suits your meat and your preferences.

4. Create different "grill zones"

If you are working with a grill with a large surface on which you might be grilling several items, set different zones. Create cooking zones by keeping a section at a slightly lower temperature. When your meat and vegetables are almost cooked, you can move them to a slightly less warm surface to slow down the process. The Solis Deli Grill has 2 surfaces which you can set separately regarding the temperature. This is ideal if you want to set 2 different "grill zones"

5. Turn once

Do you recognize this? You turn your meat every minute because you fear it will burn. Wrong! You can't get beautiful grill marks when you compulsively flip your steak or burger every 10 seconds. Turn the steak 90 degrees after a few minutes of grilling and you will get beautiful grill marks!

6. Apply sauce to grilled meat

Who doesn't like it? Spareribs from the grill with a delicious barbecue sauce flavor. To get this flavor to the meat, the spare rib is usually coated with a barbecue sauce. The biggest mistake you can make with this is to rub the meat before putting it on the grill. The sugars caramelize when exposed to high temperatures, leaving you with charred and burnt meat. Therefore, apply the sauce during the last minutes of grilling. This way you can enjoy a delicious caramelized barbecue flavor without burning your meat!

7. Let the meat rest when you remove it from the grill

As tempting as it may be to cut the meat straight away when it comes off the grill, it's crucial to let the meat rest for a few minutes. Have patience for about 4 minutes, then you can really taste the flavors and the quality of the meat.

Do you want to put these tips into practice, but you don't have a good grill? Then check out the Solis Deli Grill. This grill has a flat and ribbed plate, both of which you can regulate the temperature separately. The grill has an integrated grease drain. The fat ends up in a container, which makes cleaning the grill easier.

Enjoy your meal! 


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