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Your coffee machine is shutting down after ten years of loyal service. So there has to be a replacement quickly, because what is better than waking up with a cup of coffee? You quickly start looking for a coffee machine. That sounds simple, but can be quite a task. There are coffee machines in all shapes and sizes.

Finding the coffee machine that suits your needs starts with the question: What kind of coffee machine are you looking for? A filter coffee machine, a coffee machine with cups, a cafetière, a fully automatic espresso machine or a piston machine? The possibilities are endless.

Fully automatic espresso machine vs. semi automatic espresso machine

The name "fully automatic espresso machine" already tells the story, this machine works fully automatically. That means that you only have to press a button, the machine does the rest. The fully automatic coffee machine is therefore very user-friendly and gives consistent results. It takes less effort to make a cup of coffee than when you use a semi automatic espresso machine, for example.

On the other hand, the settings of the fully automatic espresso machine are hardly adjustable. You have little influence on the strength, and therefore the taste, of your cup of coffee. When you choose a semi automatic espresso machine, you always have control over the taste and strength of the coffee.

You can make the tastiest espresso with a semi automatic espresso machine, because you are in control of every part of the brewing process. You will grind the beans, press them with the tamper, operate the lever and press the button: you have complete control over your cup of coffee. When you have made the perfect cup of coffee, the perfect espresso or the perfect cappuccino, it gives you great satisfaction.

You do have to have a little patience when you choose a semi automatic espresso machine. It may take a while before you can make a really nice cup of coffee. This is because you have to get to know the machine and learn, among other things, how finely the beans should be ground. Good to know: nowadays there are piston machines with an integrated bean grinder, but you often have to purchase a bean grinder when you buy a semi automatic espresso machine.

Solis espresso machines

Grind & Infuse Compact

Solis has such a machine with an integrated bean grinder: the Grind & Infuse Compact. This machine is a bean grinder, espresso machine, tea maker and milk frother in one. That means you only need one machine to make the perfect coffee variety. The Grind & Infuse Compact has a bean container with a capacity of 220 grams. This is good for up to 30 cups of coffee. The machine has 18 grinding settings, so you can grind the coffee as finely as you want.

Barista Perfetta Plus

With its compact and timeless design, the Barista Perfetta Plus is a real asset to any kitchen. This espresso machine has the same functionalities as the Grind & Infuse Compact, however this machine does not have an integrated bean grinder. You can brew coffee with freshly ground beans, pre-ground coffee or with ESE pods. The machine is ready for use in 40 seconds, so you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee within a minute and a half. With the steam wand you can make perfect micro foam for a delicious cappuccino or other coffee variation with milk foam. The machine also has a hot water function, for diluting the espresso or making a cup of tea.

Barista Gran Gusto

The Barista Gran Gusto is similar in functionality to the Barista Perfetta Plus. However, the espresso machine has a completely different design. The big difference between the two devices is the high-pressure pump. The Barista Gran Gusto has a high-pressure pump of 15 bar, while the Barista Perfetta Plus has a high-pressure pump of 16 bar. The pressure with which the espresso is made is visible on the front of the Barista Perfetta Plus. The Barista Gran Gusto doesn’t show the pressure with which the espresso has been made. Furthermore, these machines are very similar. This machine also has a steam wand for frothing milk and a hot water function for making a cup of tea.


The Primaroma is by far the lightest espresso machine from Solis. With its 4.5 kilos, this machine is in any case quite light for a high class espresso machine. Just like the Barista Gran Gusto and Barista Perfetta Plus, the Primaroma has a steam wand with hot water function. This machine also has a high pressure pump of 15 bar. The machine has clear operating buttons and LED control lights. These indicate which function is being used and which mode the device is in. The Primaroma is Solis' least expensive espresso machine.

We hope we have helped you on your way in choosing a good replacement for your old coffee machine. Hopefully you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the morning again soon!


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