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The most delicious homemade sauces for a perfect grill evening

Homemade sauces

Sauce is inseparable from grilling. What's a hamburger without ketchup? Do you like to dip your mini schnitzel in mayonnaise? And how about barbecue sauce? As the name says, this sauce is very suitable for a barbecue evening. However, we believe that this sauce should not be missed when you take the grill out of the cupboard for a delicious grill evening.

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10 tips to prevent a bad hair day

Solis Fast Dry

We all have a bad hair day at some point. We usually joke about it, but research shows that there are measurable psychological effects regarding to bad hair days. It is bad for self-confidence, creates social insecurity and can lead to an increase in self-criticism. This is of course not something you want to stimulate. That’s why we are going to give tips on how to limit bad hair days!

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Solis Swiss Made hair dryers

Hair dryers. You can buy them in all shapes and sizes. One person wants a hair dryer with a diffuser, the other thinks a styling nozzle is a must have requirement. There is also a lot to choose in terms of the number of speed settings: you have hair dryers with 1 speed setting and hair dryers with 8 speed settings. There are hair dryers with a cold air function, hair dryers with an extra long cord and hair dryers with ION technology. There is a lot to choose ...

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Iced Coffee: the ultimate and tasty refreshment

It's spring! Time to enjoy the spring sun and ... spring coffee. When the first rays of the sunlight appear in spring and the temperature gently reaches 20 degrees, hot coffee seems to be outdated. We all have a summer feeling, while it is only just spring. And is there anything better than iced coffee when temperatures are rising?

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How to make the perfect cappuccino?

A delicious creamy cappuccino, who doesn't like that? It is one of the most popular coffee recipes in the world. Originally, people only drank cappuccinos at breakfast, nowadays we drink cappuccinos all day long.

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Coffee addiction: does it exist?

You get up, get out of bed, grab the newspaper from the mailbox and walk to the espresso machine. Because the first thing you need is a cup of coffee! Breakfast will come afterwards. You sit at the kitchen table and flip through the newspaper while sipping your coffee. When you finish the newspaper, the mug is also empty. You take another cup of coffee and make breakfast. After the second cup of coffee, the day can really start! Does this sound familiar?

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