Historie Solis of Switzerland

Solis of Switzerland was founded by Dr. W. Schaufelberger in 1908. He constructed the famous SOLIS heating pad and brought it onto the market at the beginning of the twentieth century. The construction of a worldwide ground-breaking range of professional hairdryers followed and in 1933 hairdryer production began in Zurich. ‘Swiss Made’ – there was growing interest in SOLIS products all over the world.

Subsequently in 1943, the production was relocated to the south of Switzerland, to Mendrisio. The export efforts in the area of hairdryers had paid off. Since the fifties, SOLIS products have been available on the American market and in 1971 SOLIS hairdryers were introduced into hairdressing saloons in Japan, demonstrating Solis' global success and worldwide raising demand for its high-quality products.

Entrepreneur Willi A. Nauer took over SOLIS AG in 1983 and transformed it into the Solis Group. Two years later, the worldwide first fully automatic espresso machine for households was launched, of which have been sold over half a million units up to this day.

As Willi A. Nauer celebrated his milestone of 10-year ownership, he opened Solis of Switzerland's first own service centre, the Centro SOLIS in Mendrisio/Ticino. In 2003, Solis set new standards with the production of the first hairdryer with integrated ion technology. The continuous development of new appliances led to the creation of 4 individual product lines.

Nauer was succeeded by his son Thomas as the CEO of the Solis Group in 2013. As of 2021, the R&D and production facilities are still located in the Swiss town of Ticino. SOLIS appliances are currently available in more than 40 countries around the world. 

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