Solis Vac Smart silver & Zip Starter Set

All it takes to save your favourite food for as long as possible.
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Fully automatic vacuum machine, very easy to use, for wet and dry food.

Two modes
Automatic and manual mode, use the manual function for the more sensitive foods.
Hose connection
Includes handy hose connection for vacuuming storage containers: keep food fresh for up to 4 times longer.
Keep it fresh
Store food longer with the Solis Vac Smart vacuum cleaner, for damp or dry food.
Wet and dry food
Use dry mode for food such as bread and cheese and wet mode for meat and vegetables: for any type of food.
Easy storage
This vacuum packing machine can be stored in a space-saving manner.
Cord storage
With a cord storage box, useful if you want to store the machine.
More About Solis Vac Smart silver & Zip Starter Set

Have you bought a piece of meat on the market that you want to leave in the fridge for a while? Both leftovers from dinner and the food you just bought can be vacuumed with this device. The Solis Vac Smart helps you to store the food you want for longer. When vacuuming, your food is packaged clean and safely. This way you ensure that your food can be kept up to 4 times longer without loss of aroma and consistency. When storing food in the freezer for a long time, vacuuming offers protection against freezer burn. The Vac Smart from Solis has a vacuum range of -0.7 bar and can vacuum up to approximately 8 liters per minute. It is suitable for dry, wet and delicate foods. The vacuum sealing machine has a handy storage compartment under the device for the power cord.

For dry, damp and sensitive foods
Storage without preservatives
Protection against freezer burn
Automatic or manual sealing
Easy to clean control panel
Removable drip tray
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