Solis Vacuum Sealer Plus - Stainless Steel

Automatic vacuum system with compartment for plastic film rolls and an integrated film cutter.
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This is a fully automated vacuum machine with an integrated roll and cutting blade.

Easy to use
Thanks to its buttons, operating the vacuum machine is very simple.
Vacuum hose
The machine is accompanied by a suction hose for vacuum bags and boxes.
All in one
This vacuum machine has an integrated storage for the roll and for a cutting blade.
Marinade function
Use the marinade function and let the meat or fish soak in herbs or spices.
Two modes
Two different modes of operation are available: one for dry food and one for moist food.
Cord storage
There is a storage compartment for the film roll, which also includes a cutting tool for easy use of the vacuum sealing machine.
More About Solis Vacuum Sealer Plus - Stainless Steel

Have you bought a piece of meat on the market that you want to leave in the fridge for a while? Both leftovers from dinner and the food you just bought can be vacuumed with this device. The Vac Plus from Solis ensures that these products remain usable for up to a year. The extraction capacity is no less than 12 liters per minute, which makes this machine suitable for vacuuming larger quantities of food. For example, you can cook two portions for you and your family and save one portion for the next time. By vacuuming your foodstuffs, they will stay fresh up to four times longer.

Suitable for dry and moist foods
The machine is suitable for dry, moist and delicate foods and has a powerful vacuum range down to -0.8 bar.
Vacuum hose
Bottles and jars can be vacuumed with the help of the vacuum hose
Marinating function
The vacuum sealing machine has a marinating function to intensify the taste of your food.
Storage compartment
There's not only a compartment for the film roll but as well for the power cord, so you can easily store the vacuum machine in your kitchen cupboard.
Easy to operate
It can be set in motion at two different vacuum speeds.
Sealing function
Signed, delivered and sealed, if you buy this device.
Weitere Informationen
Automatische AbschaltungNein
Leistung Watt120
Was kann eingestellt werdenArt der Funktion
Produktkategorie-Newsletter verfügbarNein
Verfügbare Sprachen in den HandbüchernEnglish (UK)
Teil des Solis-TreueprogrammsNein
Altes Produkt kostenlos zurückgebenNein
Inklusive RezepteNein
VakuumversiegelungsfunktionTrockene Lebensmittel, Feuchte Lebensmittel, Zarte Lebensmittel
Separate Vakuumier- und VersiegelungsoptionJa
Ansaugleistung0.8 bar
Inklusive VakuumschlauchJa
Maximale Schweißnahtbreite30
Abnehmbare TropfschaleNein
Integrierte RollenhalterungNein
Inklusive FolienschneiderJa
Doppelte VersiegelungNein
Automatisches VersiegelnJa
Manuelles VersiegelnJa
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