Solis 5 in 1 Table Grill - Gourmet set - 8 persons

Table grill for raclette, mini wok, crepes and baking pizzas
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This multifunctional grill can be used to grill meat and vegetables, bake pancakes and mini pizzas, use as a Swiss cheese raclette oven, and it even comes with mini woks for dishes inspired by Asian cuisine.

Multifunctional Grill Plate
The grill plate with a surface area of 27.5 x 56.5 cm, is half rimmed and half smooth, allowing for food to be both grilled and baked.
Funcooking 2.0
From crispy pizza to creamy salmon and sweet pancakes. Explore all the possibilities of the Solis 5-in1 Table Grill.
Temperature Control
Equipped with clear indicator lights with red indicating that the appliance is warming up and green meaning that the appliance is ready for use.
One Table Grill, Five Options
Grilling, wok cooking, baking pizza and making raclette and pancakes - Everyone's favorite dish prepared with just one appliance. 
Cold Zone
Conveniently place hot pans on the cold zone during breaks.
In the Package
The table grill comes with all the necessities for 8 people, consisting of just as many raclette pans, woks and spatulas.
More About Solis 5 in 1 Table Grill - Gourmet set - 8 persons

Funcooking 2.0
The 5-in-1 Table Grill is the most versatile table grill in our Solis range. Surprise your guests with the tasty possibilities of funcooking 2.0, with something delicious for everyone. From crispy pizza to creamy salmon to sweet crepes: enjoy the versatility of a buffet - just at your own kitchen table.

One Table Grill, Five Possibilities
The multifunctional grill plate has an area of no less than 27.5 by 56.5 centimetres, providing space for all your desired foods. The plate is half rimmed and half smooth on one side, allowing these foods to be both grilled and baked. The other side of the plate consists of spacious circular shapes, which are ideal for use with mini woks and baking the most delicious crepes or fried eggs.

The mini woks, just like the raclette pans, can also be placed under the grill plate to make use of top heat and optional bottom heat. Food on the grill plate is cooked with a maximum power of 1,200 watts (upper heat) and food in the pans underneath the plate with another 200 watts (lower heat). Dough with tomato sauce and cheese will turn into a delicious crispy mini pizza in no time. The table grill is supplied with everything you need for 8 people, consisting of the raclette pans, woks and spatulas. Thanks to the coated bottom heat plate as well as non-stick coating on the grill plate and the pans, no food remains will stick to it - even without adding butter and/or oil. Healthy pleasure has never been so versatile and easy!

Elegant Grill with Simple Controls
You can switch the bottom heat on and off using the button on the front of the table grill. The temperature regulator of the grill plate (top heat), also located at the front, is equipped with clear indicator lights with red showing the appliance is heating up and a green light indicating the appliance is ready to use. And when you have had enough for a while, you can simply place the hot pans in the separate cold zone on the bottom plate, so you don't have to switch off your grill for every break. Just a few simple steps for a true taste experience with your dinner company.

Reversible Grill Plate
Multifunctional grill plate for use on both sides suitable for pancakes, meat and more food preparations.
Continuous Temperature
A total of 1,400 watts ensures constant temperature during prolonged funcooking endeavours.
Switchable Bottom Heat
Switchable bottom heat of 200 watts for the tastiest and crispiest mini pizzas and much more.
Cold Zone for Hot Pans
Place hot pans in the practical cold zone underneath the appliance during meal breaks.
Easy Cleaning
Easy cleaning of the grill plate and pans thanks to the non-stick coating.
Generous Grill Plate
Large grill plate to conveniently cook food for up to 8 persons at the same time.
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WerkstoffRostfreier Stahl
Automatische AbschaltungNein
Leistung Watt200
Was kann eingestellt werdenTemperatur
Verfügbare Sprachen in den HandbüchernEnglish (UK)
Inklusive RezepteNein
Typ GrillTischgrill
Schwimmendes ScharnierNein
Abnehmbare PlattenNein
Art der AntihaftbeschichtungStandard
Einstellbare TemperaturJa
Inklusive PlattenJa
Inklusive gerillter PlattenNein
Inklusive flacher PlattenNein
Inklusive SandwichplattenNein
Inklusive WaffelplattenNein
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Solis 5 in 1 Table Grill 791 Gourmet set - 4 persons
From crispy pizza, creamy salmon to sweet crepes: enjoy a buffet at your kitchen table.
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