Solis Slice & More Grater - Stainless Steel

Compact multigrater for chopping, slicing and grating soft as well as hard food
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Recipes for many delicious dishes require food to be processed in one way or another. Often, several types of slicing or grating can be involved to cook a delicious meal. The Solis Slice & More is the perfect solution for many cutting and slicing chores in your kitchen. This compact multi-purpose grater allows you to conveniently slice, shred, grate and grind soft food such as many types of fruit and even hard food like nuts and chocolate.

The Solis Slice & More is not only multifunctional, it is also a joy to use. Choose a cutting drum and push it into the holder of the appliance. Place a bowl under the opening of the cutting drum to collect the processed food. The appliance requires only little attention. By a single push of the power switch, you switch the grater on and select the desired speed setting at the same time. Fill the funnel with the food you wish to slice or grate and use the tamper to safely push the food down the funnel. Switch the appliance off to remove and clean all parts and you're already done.

Slice, Grate & Grind
5 interchangable drums (Ø 7.5 cm) for thin and thick slicing, shredding, grating and grinding many different types of food.
Safe to Use
To ensure your safety, the grater comes with two transparent storage containers to safely and cleanly store unused cutting drums.
Easy Cleaning
The removable BPA-free plastic parts and stainless-steel drums are quick and easy to clean.
Ultimate Grip
A combination of suction cup and non-slip feet ensure ultimate grip of the appliance while in use, even when grinding the most unruly food.
Easy to Use
Full control with just one on/off button on the top of the slicer that lets you select the speed setting at the same time.
Easy & Safe Filling
Large funnel with tamper allows for easy filling, safe operation and is removable for easy cleaning.
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Do you think cutting onions is such a tedious job? Or don't you have a single knife cutting carrots into small blocks without tears of sweat running down your face? Then the Solis Slice & More is the appliance you want in your kitchen as it offers ultimate cooking convenience! Powered by a 350-watt motor, this grater cuts raw and hard or cooked and soft ingredients into small or coarse pieces in no time. Simply select the high speed setting for hard and raw food to increase the grating power.

Many types of vegetables and fruit are suitable for use with the thin and thick slicing drums. The grating drum is ideal for hard cheese, nuts, chocolate, breadcrumbs and similar food. The coarse shredding drum is ideal for apples, carrots, celery and cheese. Use the grinding drum if you are looking to finely process apples, carrots, radish, chocolate and boiled potatoes or garlic.

The plastic parts of the grater are free of BPA. Its high-quality case made of brushed stainless steel is designed for maximum ease of use while at the same time being a joy to look at. All materials are easy to clean for ultimate convenience.

A clever storage compartment wraps up and hides unused cable from your view, making your kitchen look tidy and neat at all times.

Slicing, grating and grinding in style has never been this easy!

Powerful, Durable Motor
With the power of 350 watts, this grater cuts cooked and soft food and even hard, raw food in no time.
2 Speed Settings
Select normal speed or high speed depending on the type of food you want to process.
BPA-Free Plastic Parts
All components made of plastic are free of BPA.
Hygienic Stainless Steel
High-quality brushed stainless steel used for the case and hygienic stainless-steel cutting drums can be cleaned easily.
Hidden Storage
A useful storage compartment in the base of the appliance wraps up and hides unused cable, making your kitchen counter look tidy and neat.
Food-Safe Containers
The storage containers holding the cutting drums are food safe and therefore also suitable for food storage.
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Verfügbare Sprachen in den HandbüchernEnglish (UK)
Inklusive RezepteNein
ZubereitungsfunktionenKotelett, Reiben, Schneiden
ReibefunktionenGrobe Stücke, Feine Stücke, Extra feine Stücke
SchneidefunktionenDickes, Dünn
Pulse setting?Nein
Inklusive RaspelmesserJa
Anzahl der Raspelmesser5
Inklusive TrimmerklingenNein
Inklusive MixeraufsatzNein
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Enthaltenes Zubehör spülmaschinenfestNein
Inklusive SpatelNein
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Mixing bowl safe for dishwasher?Nein
Food chopper including?Nein
Accessories storage spaceNein
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