Solis Plate Warmer Antracite / Red

Equipped with double insulation, moisture protection and automatic heat regulation
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Preheated plates are used in restaurants to ensure an optimal taste of the dish and also prevents the food from cooling off too quickly. This allows you to spend more time on decorating food on the plates before serving. The Solis Plate Warmer is a real must-have for the amateur cook looking for the little extra to turn your dinner at home into a restaurant experience.

It heats up to 10 plates from small-sized to a size of 32 cm in only 12 minutes. A maximum power of 220 watts heats up the plates to a temperature of up to 70 °C. The use of cotton and the plate warmer's double insulation ensures maximum heat retention. The fabric is moisture-repellent to easily wipe clean, free of harmful colourants and offers optimal properties to protect the plates from scratching. An automatic heat regulation with safety thermostat makes sure the plate warmer keeps the temperature at a safe and constant level.

Optimal Taste
Preheating plates allows for an optimal taste of your dishes and allows to spend more time on decorating food before serving.
Double Insulation
Use of cotton and double insulation for maximum heat retention.
Up to 10 plates
With this plate warmer you can heat up to 10 plates at the same time.
Quailty Fabric
The fabric is moisture-repellent, free of harmful colourants and scratch-proof.
Plates of Up to 32 cm
These plate warmers are suitable for plates of many sizes, with a maximum diameter of 32 cm.
Automatic Heat Regulation
Equipped with a safety thermostat and automatic heat regulation for a constant and safe temperature.
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This plate warmer made by Solis is suitable for preparing and decorating food on optimally pre-heated plates for a restaurant-dinner experience. Discover the improved taste and perfect aroma just like in a gourmet restaurant.

Powerful and effective, yet easy to use: Simply plug in the plate warmer, insert the plates and allow these to evenly heat up to the desired temperature before disconnecting the plate warmer and letting it cool down, before removing the warm plates.

The plate warmer also offers moist protection and an overheat protection preventing the plate warmer from permanent damage when exposed to excessive use. The design of the plate warmer allows for space-saving storage in even the smallest kitchen.

Easy to Use
Plug the plate warmer in, insert the plates, allow plates to heat up, unplug the plate warmer and let it cool down.
Space-Saving Design
The design of the plate warmer allows for space-saving storage in even the smallest kitchen.
Overheat Protection
Prevents permanent damage to the plate warmer when the appliance is exposed to excessive use.
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Anzahl Teller10
maximale Tellergröße32 cm
Einstellbare TemperaturNein
Washing machine proof?Nein
Automatische TemperaturregelungJa
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