Solis Juice Fountain Compact

Compact juicer with programs for hard and soft pieces of fruit and vegetables.
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This powerful centrifuge makes a delicious vitamin drink with any piece of fruit or vegetable (from apples to carrots) in just a few turns.

Large-size feed tube
Make a delicious juice or smoothie with fruits, vegetables and/or herbs (Ø 7.5 cm) in no time at all.
Stainless steel 
Removable and easy-to-clean grater with fine perforated sieve made of high quality stainless steel.
Non-drip spout on the side of the juicer.
Safe to use thanks to the safety lever.
Pouring the juice
Powerful centrifuge to obtain many liters of good and healthy juices. In the pourer there is an integrated foam separator to obtain pure juices.
Easy to clean
Easy cleaning thanks to disassemblable and dishwasher-safe individual parts, cleaning the housing with a damp cloth
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With this juicer you can easily stay up a little longer in the morning and still have a very healthy breakfast. The pulp is collected in the appropriate pulp container, while the juice flows directly into the juice jug. This makes it very easy to start your day with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.

Enjoy the best quality effortlessly

The name Solis Juice Fountain Compact says it all: this stainless steel juicer is nice and compact, but it doesn't compromise on quality. It is designed so that both hard and soft pieces of fruit or vegetables can be enjoyed as juice in no time at all. The rotary knob allows you to select the desired pressing speed, depending on the piece of fruit or vegetable you are filling the fruit shaft with. After juicing, the spout of juice bowl can be sealed to prevent leaks. The juice jug, which connects seamlessly to the juicer, is easy to take out.

Fast, powerful and safe

The powerful juicer features power of 1200 watts. At 10,000-16,000 (depending on the setting) rpm, fruits and vegetables are quickly pulverized into juice. Due to the power of the machine, even winter carrots or whole apples are no problem. The centrifuge features a safety lever that locks the unit in place while the grating blades process the fruit into juice. The machine's anti-vibration rubber feet provide anti-slip, keeping the juicer secure while in use. The juicer is easy to disassemble for cleaning the parts after use.

Healthy smoothie, fresh juice or homemade soup

Solis Juice Fountain Compact makes it possible to easily prepare a delicious juice, smoothie or soup for the table, completely free from preservatives, colourings or flavourings or other additives. Pure and honest, just from home. Perfect as an addition to a delicious, full breakfast on Sunday morning, or perhaps if you do not feel like spending hours in the kitchen after work, but still want to enjoy a healthy meal.

All sizes of citrus fruits
The filling opening is extra large, so large pieces of fruit or vegetables are no problem at all for this machine.
Compact press
This stainless steel juicer is nice and compact, but it doesn't compromise on quality.
Dishwasher safe parts
The juice jug connects seamlessly to the juicer and is easy to remove. The large pulp container is also removable.
Easy in use
The Juice Fountain Compact has a rotary button, which allows you to set the desired pressing speed. The juicer comes with a handy juice jug, which connects seamlessly to the centrifuge. 
Folding juice spout
When you have squeezed the juice, you can close the spout of the juice bowl, so that the juice will not leak.
Easy to store
Anti-vibration rubber feet are attached to the bottom, which ensure anti-slip.
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WerkstoffRostfreier Stahl
Automatische AbschaltungNein
Leistung Watt1200
Was kann eingestellt werdenGeschwindigkeit, Art der Funktion
Verfügbare Sprachen in den HandbüchernEnglish (UK)
Inklusive RezepteNein
Typ EntsafterSlowjuicer
Typ Slow-JuicerVertikaler Slow-Juicer
Material PressenkomponenteJa
Abnehmbarer TresterbehälterJa
Einstellbare GeschwindigkeitJa
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