Solis ECO Silent - Stand Ventilator

Whisper-quiet design fan with advanced features and remote control
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When the thermometer rises above 25° C again and unbearable heat builds up in your home or while working in the office, it is time to buy a fan. In order to be able to concentrate, however, noisy fans are undesirable.

If you are looking for an extremely quiet room fan, both the amount and the size of the rotor blades are important factors to consider: The larger the rotor blades, the quieter the fan. The Solis Eco Silent is equipped with a rotor with a diameter of 30 cm and 7 curved blades "finely cutting" and moving more air. This effectively reduces the noise level to only 31.8 dB(A) at the lowest speed level. That is equal to the noise level in a library or the volume of whispering and well below the threshold of 40 dB(A) that would cause audible distraction and difficulties in concentrating. This way, the fan provides pleasant air circulation especially at night, without keeping you awake with permanent buzzing.

This fan features 8 speed settings, 4 oscillation angles and an adjustable vertical angle, allowing you to customise the intensity as well as the direction of the air flow exactly to your needs.

A cleverly designed remote control with touch-sensitive sensor buttons enables for convenient operation of the fan from a distance. When batteries are inserted, it easily attaches to the round surface in the centre of the safety grid with a magnetic mechanism, making it perfectly blend in with the fan's design.

Whisper-Quiet Operation
A minimum noise level of only 31.8 dB(A) promotes concentration and reduces audible distraction.
8 Speed Settings
The speed button lets you select 8 different speed settings for every situation and need.
4 Oscillation Angles
Set the fan to oscillate at 30, 60, 90 or 120° of rotation for partial air circulation.
Large Rotor Unit
Rotor with a diameter of 30 cm and 7 blades circulates a large amount of air.
Adjustable Vertical Angle
Position the head upwards by up to 35° for full flexibility.
Remote Control & Display
Conveniently operate the fan from a distance with the cleverly designed remote control and display in one.
More About Solis ECO Silent - Stand Ventilator

The Solis Eco Silent is the perfect solution for many environments and situations requiring concentration as it produces only little noise during operation. This makes it a suitable companion for your (home) office as well as home schooling, and is ideal for individuals who are just more sensitive to background noises.

With its automatic switch-off timer, this fan lets you set an operation time of up to 12 hours in 1-hour intervals after which the fan will switch off automatically. This way, the fan does not have to run all night if you do not desire so while sleeping. It will switch off reliably even when you forget to.

The Solis Eco Silent even offers 3 operation modes: The automatic mode measures the current room temperature and adjusts the ventilation speed accordingly. When activating the sleep mode, the ventilation speed gradually increases until it reaches the set base speed before decreasing again. With the standard mode, the speed is held at a constant level.

The fan's LED display is integrated into the remote control and shows the current room temperature as well as the set ventilation speed, oscillation angle and switch-off timer if activated. The display switches off automatically when the control panel has not been used for 5 seconds to save the batteries and can be activated again by a simple touch of a button. This feature allows you to sleep tight without the display light disturbing your sweet dreams, or allows for an undisturbed movie night in your living room.

The remarkable design of this fan upgrades home interiors of any style. Apart from its sophisticated design and high functionality, the Solis Eco Silent offers even more advantages: it can be cleaned easily by simply wiping the appliance off with a soft, damp cloth once a month. In addition, the fan operates on only little electricity with its 25 watts, saving energy and money.

Automatic Switch-Off Timer
Fan automatically switches off after 1-12 hours of operation.
3 Operation Modes
Select the automatic, sleep or standard mode to suit your needs.
Sophisticated Design
The sophisticated design of the fan upgrades any home interior.
Advanced LED Display
Display switches off automatically when control panel has not been used for 5 seconds.
Easy Cleaning
Simply wipe the appliance off with a soft, damp cloth once a month.
Low Power Consumption
With a power of only 25 watts, the fan is very energy efficient.
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