Solis Rice Cooker Compact - Stainless Steel

Cooking perfectly fluffy rice fully automatic with just one touch of a button
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With the Solis Rice Cooker Compact, Solis has mastered the art of cooking perfect, fluffy rice and simplified it to the touch of a button. With this rice cooker, your rice is never overcooked or cold when you are ready to eat.

Cook varying types of rice such as brown rice, wild rice, sushi rice and basmati, and even cook soups and stews with the Solis Rice Cooker Compact. Thanks to its non-stick coating, the cooking pot can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water. Simply clean the rest of the appliance with a damp cloth and you are already done. This kitchen aid comes in a compact size, saving space in your home, yet able to produce up to 8 cups of cooked rice at a time. 

The cooking process is taking place fully automatic: With just one touch of a button, you start the cooking process. The even heat distribution and non-stick coating of the pot ensure evenly cooked rice without sticking. The cooking process ends automatically and the rice cooker switches to keep-warm mode until the rice is ready to be served. The only thing you need to do is to sit back and enjoy your freshly cooked, ready-to-eat rice.

For all Types of Rice
Suitable for cooking white, wild and brown rice such as sushi and basmati, and even cooks soups and stews.
Easy to Clean
The cooking pot can be easily cleaned thanks to its non-stick coating. Clean the rice cooker body, lid and heating plate with a damp cloth.
Compact Size & High Capacity
Compact rice cooker with a capacity of 0.8 litres. Despite of its compact size, you can easily cook up to 8 cups op cooked rice.
Keep-Warm Function
With the automatic keep-warm function, cooked rice is kept warm until served.
Even Heat Distribution
Due to the even heat distribution and non-stick coating, rice is cooked evenly without sticking.
Fully Automatic
With just one touch of a button, rice is cooked fully automatically and even kept warm until served.
More About Solis Rice Cooker Compact - Stainless Steel

This rice cooker made by Solis allows for perfect cooking of up to 4 cups of uncooked rice, meaning up to 8 cups of cooked, restaurant-quality rice.

To equip you with everything you need in order to start cooking rice fully automatically, a measuring cup and a rice paddle is included. One full, level cup of uncooked rice yields 2 cups of cooked rice. The rice paddle is the perfect tool when it comes to serving cooked rice without making a sticky mess. Just one button and 2 indicator lights are all this cooker needs, so you can conveniently prepare food at home. A condensation collector channels excess moisture away from the rice as it cooks, to ensure the rice is always cooked to perfection.

The appliance is made of die-cast aluminium and stainless steel, making it easy to clean and durable for long-time use. Its non-stick cooking pot makes cooking and cleaning easier.

For fully automatic cooking of different types of rice in a compact appliance, there's nothing like the Solis Rice Cooker Compact!

Fully Equipped
Measuring cup and rice paddle included. All you need is rice and water to start cooking.
Condensation Collector
Channels excess moisture away from the rice as it cooks, to ensure the rice is always cooked to perfection.
High Quality
Rice cooker made of die-cast aluminium and stainless steel, cooking pot with non-stick coating.
Weitere Informationen
Breite20.5 ø
MetalltypRostfreier Stahl
Automatische AbschaltungNein
Leistung Watt370
Was kann eingestellt werdenArt der Funktion
Verfügbare Sprachen in den HandbüchernEnglish (UK)
Inklusive RezepteNein
Typ TopfReiskocher
Kühler GriffNein
Doppelwandiger DeckelNein
Thermometer im DeckelNein
Fassungsvermögen Topf0.8 l
Material TopfKunststoff
Material GriffKunststoff
Material DeckelknaufKunststoff
Non-stick coating surface?Ja
Type of non-stick coating surfaceCeramic non-stick coating
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